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Список статей
15-16 OCTOBER 2001, SESSION 1
  • 001/B0009 Airport surface water runoff: applications for on-line BOD analysis.
    J. Pickering, C. Genner, P. Keller (Germany)
  • 002/B0018 Incorporating Long-Term Trends in Water Availability in Water Supply Planning.
    D. Luketina, M. Bender, D. Hranisavljevic (Thailand)
  • 003/B0019 Optimising Raw Water Abstraction from the West River Estuary
    D. Luketina, D. Hranisavljevic, S. dark, F. Fan, M. Kumar Sahoo, M. Khalid Alvi (Thailand)
  • 004/B0041 Effects of selective withdrawal management on the physicochemical and biological water environment of a reservoir in sub-frigid zone in Japan, - A 12 years observation
    N. Yogo, M. Haga and T. loriya (Japan)
  • 005/B0048 Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR)
    J. C. Wakker, E. J. C. Castenmiller, Rob J. S. M. Beckers (The Netherlands)
  • 006/B0090 Urban Stream Flood Management
    H. CPreui (USA)
  • 007/B0100 Limnology Of Three Varying-Depth Reservoirs And Their Implication On Cyanobacterial Blooms In Orange, Nsw, Australia
    A. C. Joglekar, D. Al Bakri, M. Chowdhury (Australia)
  • 008/B0152 The Aquasave Project Integrated Innovative Water Saving System In Household
    B. Failla, E. Cimatti, M. Spadoni, L. Stante, G. Bortone (Italy)
  • 009/B0165 Pumping Downwards To Prevent Algal Blooms
    B. Kirke (Australia)
  • 010/B0166 GLOBWINET: The Global Water Information Network
    Niemann, B. Meier (Germany)
  • 011/B0189 Water Into Wine Drought-Proofing The Barossa Valley
    C. Hewitson ,B. Kracman,C. McKnight (United Kingdom)
  • 012/B0196 Implementation Of Urban Wastewater Directive In The Light Of The EU Water Framework Directive: Dilemmas Of Water Quality Management In Hungary
    K. Buzds, A. Clement, L. Somlyody (Hungary)
  • 013/B0199 Education For The Integrated Water Resoursce Management In Cities
    E. Csobod (Hungary)
  • 014/B0203 Characterization of groundwater flow beneath wastewater storage basins Using organic sum parameters
    D. Schoenheinz, T. Grischek, J. E. Drewes, E. Worch (Germany)
  • 015/B0235 Groundwater Contamination Due To Arsenic, Iron, Ammonia, And Organic Matter In Hanoi City, Vietnam
    Tran Thi Viet Nga, Inoue Masafumi, Khatiwada Nawa Raj, Takizawa Satoshi. (Japan)
  • 016/B0336 Influence of global warming on the ecosystem of migratory fish, the case of Shimanto River in Japan and Elwha river in U.S.A.
    M. Murakami, H. Nakata, T. Miyazaki and R. Imamura (Japan)
  • 017/В0354 What do our rivers consist of? Impact of water supply and sanitation techniques on nutrient fluxes in urbanized catchments
    T. Herrmann (Germany)
  • 018/B0358 How important are groundwater residence times for the calculation of diffuse nitrogen leaching into river systems? -the River Elbe case study -
    R. Kunkel, F. Wendland and H. Behrendt (Germany)
  • 019/B0359 Assessment and management of diffuse nitrogen leaching at the scale of river basins using the SOIL-N/WEKU model
    R. Kunkel, F. Wendland, A. Grimvall, B. Kronvang, D. Miiller-Wohlfeil (Germany)
  • 020/B0378 Identifying low cost, innovative engineering solutions to urban wet weather water quality problems using genetic algorithm optimisation
    E. Gil, M. Parker, D. Savic (United Kingdom)
  • 021/B0462 Approaches to monetary evaluation of pollutant loads in waterbodies
    T. Grunebaum (Germany)
  • 022/B0501 Integrated Water Management in Tunisia
    M. El Hedi Louati (Tunisia)
  • 023/B0502 Dynamic Water Master Planning for Tunisia
    H. W.Theisen, R. Elsa/Ser (Germany)
  • 024/B0503 Integrated Water Management
    U. Koch (Tunisia)
  • 025/B0509 Seattle's Community-Based Approach To Sustainable Resource Management
    D. Gale, S. Haskins, T. Croll (USA)
  • 026/B0521 Specific Problems In Urban Drainage In Cold Climate Through Winter
    S. T. Thorolfsson (Norway)
  • 028/B1042 Storm Water Management by SWMM Modeling Technique in Kaohsiung Urban Region, Taiwan
    Jeng-Chung Chen, Ni-Bin Chang (Chinese Taiwan)
  • 029/B1050 Sustainable Development Indicators for Transboundary River Basin Systems
    D. C. Tipping (USA)
  • 030/B1129 Impacts of watershed management activities on hydrological behavior of small watersheds, (Ghazmzhaleh watershed case study)
    A. najafi nejad (Iran)
  • 031/B1144 A New Concept Of Water Supply For "yburg" Amsterdam
    J.P. vanderHoek, J.A.M.H. Hofman, P.A.C. Bonne (The Netherlands)
  • 032/B1156 Can drinking water production and food production sustain in the same area?
    J. C. Wakker, F. Vaessen (The Netherlands)
  • 033/B1207 Integrated Modelling As An Analysing And Optimisation Tool For Urban Watersheed Management
    V. Erbe, T. Frehmann, K. Seggeike, K.-H. Rosenwinkel, W.F. Geiger.J. Londong (Germany)
  • 034/B1213 Dredged Sediments In The City Of Delft (The Netherlands) Supply, Pollution And Methods For Sanitation
    P. Keldennan (The Netherlands)
  • 035/B1227 The Future Directions of Water Auditing
    J. J. Sturman, K. Mathew, G. Ho (Australia)
  • 036/В1246 A Study On The Influence Of Current Velocity On Growth Of Phytoplankton
    Osami Kawara, Jinsong Li, Yoshiro Ono {Japan}
  • 037/B1326 Water Management for the town of Cochabamba, Bolivia
    C. Neumann-Redlin, S. Rentier (Germany)
  • 038/B1363 Integrated Water Management and Sector Reform Approaches and Objectives in bilateral Cooperation with Algeria
    D. Comer, S. Holtkemper, K. Weistroffer (Germany)
  • 039/B1391 Bio-Engineering Vegetated Filter Strips (Vfs) Design To Reduce Nutrients Transport From Diffuse Sources
    F. Preti, C. Milanese, A. Leone (Italy)
  • 040/B1441 Screening Water Quality Model as a Tool for the Solving Practical Tasks of Water Quality in Lakes and Rivers
    J. Riha., P Hiavinek. (Czech Republic)
  • (И1/В1453 Hydraulic modeling and GIS as planning tools for the quantification of the groundwater potential of the Tsumeb Aquifers, northern Namibia
    E. Tordiffe, R. Bufler, P. Ambs (Germany)
  • 042/B1485 Mill Creek Watershed Action Plan - An Integrated Strategy for Urban Ecosystem Restoration
    G. Zukovs, R. Corathers, (Canada)
  • 043/B1541 Experience with integrated Water Quality Management in the Wahnbach Watershed
    J. Clasen, R. Kramer (Germany)
  • 044/B1542 Cooperation between Water Management and Agriculture in the Rhine-Sieg-Area
    R. Kramer, J. Clasen (Germany)
  • 045/B1573 Injection Well Clogging Processes during Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) with Reclaimed Water
    S. Rinck-Pfeiffer, P. Dillon, S. Ragusa (Germany)
  • 046/B1574 Complex Resource Evaluation an Analysis Methodology - A Groundwater Management Tool for Berlin
    H. Diubek, L. Lytton, S. Rinck-Pfeiffer, L. Rohrbach, R. Sage. (Germany)
  • 047/B1583 New Monitoring Concept For Large Scale Groundwater Management
    A. Wagner, B. Boehm (Germany)
  • 048/B2015 CSO Numerical and Physical Testing Bench.
    J. Vazquez, M. Zug, A. Sadowski, F. Blanchet (France)
  • 049/B2022 Nowadays Land Use and Watercourse Maintenance Practices: Threat to Headwaters' Salmonid Regions
    L. Tent (Germany)
  • 050/B2070 Handling stormwater in open structures: a case study of critical factors for sustainability
    M. Hjerpe, H. Krantz. (Sweden)
  • 051/B2077 Controlled Drainage And Subirrigation For Integrated Water Management In Agriculture: Three Years Of Experience In NE Italy
    M. Borin, G. Bonaiti, L. Giardini (Italy)
  • 052/B2080 Wastewater Reuse For The Paper Industry
    M.C. Zanetti, S. Fiore, G. Genon (Italy)
  • 053/B2082 Protecting Environmental River Flows While Catering For Urban Water Supply Demand
    M. Thompson, G. Chenhall (Australia)
  • 054/В3006 Water Atlas Initiative
    H. Hoff, G. Szejwach (Germany)
  • 055/P0021 Efficient PC-aided construction of 3D ground models
    J. Bruns, D. Schlitter, R. Ludwig (Germany)
  • 056/P0022 Association Behavior of Geochemical Components and Heavy Metals in Pore Water and Sediment Particles
    Li-Jyur Tsai, Shien-Tsong Ho, Kuang-Chung Yu (Chinese Taiwan)
  • 057/P1001 Multicriteria Evaluation in Water Resources Planning: the Case of Nestos River - Greece
    P. Inagnostopoulos, C. Petalas, I. Diamantis, A. Vavatsikos, (Greece)
  • 058/P1002 Drinking Water With Clean Energy For Rural Comunities In Mexico
    P. Silva, Т Chdvez Guerra, G. Hoyos, (Mexico)
  • 059/P1025 "Save Water, Save the Watershed through Community Participation"
    P. G. Montemayor, P. J. Calizo (Philippines)
  • 060/P1027 Concepts for closing the water cycles in paper mills to meet to meet BAT standards
    A. Helble, C. H. Mobius (Germany)
  • 061/P1036 Summer Sleep of Alfalfa to Save Water
    A. Tavassoli, M.H. Mahdian (Iran)
  • 062/P1040 Performance of 3 Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems in East Scotland
    A. Spitzer, W. Schlitter (United Kingdom)
  • 063/P1045 Water Demand Management in Namibian Tourist Facilities
    K. Schachtschneider (Namibia)
  • 064/P1057 Pesticide Loadings of Surface Waters in Germany: Estimating the input quantity of active ingredients in river catchments
    Ropke, Bjom, Bach, M., Frede, H-G. (Germany)
  • 065/P1063 Slurry Management in catchments of Drinking Water Reservoirs
    R. Kramer (Germany)
  • 066/P1071 An Innovative Aquaculture System with Low Water Demands
    Ya-chi Tsao, Wen K. Shieh (USA)
  • 067/РПОЗ Speciation Of Chromium In Aquatic Environment Of The Radomka River
    R. Swietlik, J. Misiak, J. R. Dojiido (Poland)
  • 068/P1106 A decision support system for the evaluation of water policy instruments in agriculture after the Water Framework Directive
    G. Bazzani, S. Di Pasquale, V. Gallerani, C. Rosselli Del Turco, D. Viaggi (Italy)
  • 069/РШ2 Effects Of Traditional Sewage Disposal On Urban Groundwater Chemistry Beneath The City Of Tehran, Iran
    F. Amiri, T. Grischek, E. Worch, N. Majd (Germany)
  • 070/РПЗО The Romanian Water Vision
    V. Rojanschi, A. Pienaru, F. Iliescu (Romania)
  • 071/P2002 Wastewater Reuse By The Agricultural Comunity Of San Jose And Related Health Aspects -Lambayeque - Peru - 2001
    T. Lampoglia, T. Suva Garcia (Peru)
  • 072/P2003 Estimation of the Dissolved Carbon Flux Transferred by the Rain in a Japanese Forest
    У. Matsumoto, K. Nishida, Y. Sakamoto (Japan)
  • 073/Р2004 Time scales of 'events' and threats to water quality within lakes and reservoirs.
    R.i H. Regel, J. D. Brookes, D. Lewis, G. G. Ganf, M. D. Burch (Australia)
  • 074/P2025 A generic approach to the assessment of cross-media pollution potentials within catchment scale landscapes.
    R. J. Pearce, P. Jeffrey (United Kingdom)
  • 075/P2031 Project Technology Transfer Water - TTW Technology transfer in accordance with the Agenda 21
    К. Sigel (Germany)
  • 076/P2048 Nutrient fluxes in the banten coastal zone, Indonesia
    P. Keldennan, A. Barendregt, W. J. A. M. Douven and S. Nonnala (The Netherlands)
  • 077/P2073 Development of Runoff model for T-N, T-P, COD, SS, and EC
    H. Nakasone, H. Kuroda (Japan)
  • 078/P2077 Microbial Nutrients And Growth In Artifically Recharged Ground Water
    /. T. Miettinen, M. Lehtola, T. Vartiainen, T. Hatva, P. J. Martikainen (Finland)
  • 079/P2103 A Fluid Flow Cfd Study On The Design Factor Of Inlet Distribution Channel For Focculation/Sedimentation
    J. H. Kirn, J. K. Yoon (Korea)
  • 080/P2111 Hydrological characterisation of pesticide loads at different scales in a catchment
    Karin Mueller; H. Hartmann, M.Bach, H.-G. Frede, M. Spiteller, B. Roepke (New Zealand)
  • 081/P2113 Non-Point Pollutant Control By The Artificial Lagoon
    K. Nakamura, Y. Shimatani (Japan)
  • 082/P2119 Wastewater reclamation by advanced treatment of secondary effluents in Thermi, Thessaloniki Greece
    S. Pamelas, S. Michou, A. Karpouw, M. Petala, P. Samaras, G. P.Sakellaropoulos (Greece)
  • 083/P2127 Water-table elevation modelling (WEM) with a geostatistical approach
    J. Chen, Q. Guo, Y.S. Yang (United Kingdom)
  • 093/B0058 Implementing a six sigma performance in a public owned water utility company
    L.H. Romero, J.T.Hinojosa, A.A. Gonzales, A.G.Aleman (Mexico)
  • 094/B0095 Management of Water Resources: Training programms of the Carl Duisberg GeseIIschaft
    /. Al Baz (Germany)
  • 095/B0167 Complex but not complicated a new tariff system with environmental aspects on water and wastewater
    Brita Forssberg (Sweden)
  • 096/B0195 Efficiency, efficacy and economic performance indicators for the reorganisation of the water service in Italy
    G. Fucci, C. Lubello, A. Mazzei (Italy)
  • 097/B0277 Indicators for integrated water management in urban areas
    R. Enders, A. Grangler und M. Jekel (Germany)
  • 098/B0425 How to use indicators to describe price structures and levels as strategy in water economy of urban areas with different scales of water availability: A strategic approach
    S. Klawitter, G. Meran (Germany)
  • 099/B0523 Management of Water & Wastewater Utilities in Jordan
    U. Kachel (Jordan)
  • 100/B1049 Private sector participation in water supply and sanitation services- an evaluation for Turkey
    C. Knac, H. Z. Sarkaya, B. Vane, E. Celebi (Turkey)
  • 101/B1085 National and international prospects for a multi-utility company in the water business
    N. Schumann (Germany)
  • 102/B1165 Water services for new era in Kosovo
    J.J. Hukka, K.W. Hedberg, (Finland)
  • 103/B1282 Implementing Free Water To Indigent Families In The Odi Region In South Africa
    R. Duvel (South Africa)
  • 104/B1285 Restructuring Statutory Public Sector Institutions for efficient, affordable and sustainable Water Services Provision
    J.-A. Ferreira (South Africa)
  • 105/B1286 Recent legislative developments in South Africa: Facilitating a range of mechanisms for efficient water and sanitation delivery
    J.-A. Ferreira (South Africa)
  • 106/B1592 Performance Indicators for Water Supply Services o the IWA Field Testing project: design, organisation and first results of the German subproject
    W. Merkel, W. ffimer (Germany)
  • 107/B2119 Investment Profiles And Water Tariffs Of Istanbul City
    H.Z. Sarikaya, V. Eroglu, C. Kinaci, M.F. Sevimli (Turkey)
  • 108/P0010 Vesuvian Water Supply Network Optimal Control An Adaptive Supervisory System based on genetic algorithm applied to the Acquedotto Vesuviano S.p.A. water supply system optimal management
    Roberto Gueli, Giuseppe Mario Patti (Italy)
  • 109/P1007 The study of environmental condition and diagnosis technique for underground water pipe corrosion
    H. M. Shin, D. H. Kirn (Korea)
  • 110/Р1061 Economical And Financial Analysis Of The Reduction Of Pollution Caused By Wastewater
    R. Pastor, L. Alberto Segui, R. Mujeriego, A. Espuna, L. Puigjaner (Spain)
  • 111/P2012 Basis And Methodology For The Formulation And Implementation Of Sunass Water Quality Control Directives In Peru
    B. Chung Tong, Т. С. Lampoglia (Peru)
  • 112P2093 A Method to Measure Eco-efHciency of Water and Wastewater Works
    J. Tenhunen (Finland)
  • 113/P2107 Direct toxicity assessment of wastewater discharged to sewer
    M. Gutierrez, E. Aspichueta, A. de la Sota, J. Etxebarria (Spain)
  • 114/P2134 Programme of Maintenance for Hydraulic Structures in Water Resources Projects
    G. 5'. Joshi (India)
  • 116/B0142 An Analysis Method For Water Distribution Systems
    E. Barsan, C. Ignat, A. Manescu (Romania)
  • 117/B0151 Adaptive Cleaning of Sewage Networks
    Bert Bosseler ,Marco Schluter (Germany)
  • 118/B0164 Importance Of The Physical Hydraulic Modelling Of The Vortex-Flow Drop Structures In The Sewerage Systems
    D. Ljubisavljevic, B. Jovanovic (Yugoslavia)
  • 119/B0299 The Use of Special Joint Technology for Upgrade of Water Supply Networks and Leak-proof against Earthquake in Japan
    Y. Tanaka, S. Tamura, A. Kuruma (Japan)
  • 120/B0362 Water quality decay modelling in hydraulic pressure systems
    F. Pirozzi, D. Pianese, G. d'Antonio (Italy)
  • 121/B0366 Rehabilitation and upgrading of existing WTP's in Romania
    G. Racoviteanu, A. Sandu, M. Sandu (Romania)
  • 122/B0395 Biofilm Management as part of an integrated anti-fouling strategy
    H.-C. Flemming (Germany)
  • 123/B0438 Establishment of an effective renewal method for externally corroded distribution pipes
    Katsuyuki Makino, Yutaka Takayanagi, Hirotaka Hondo, Shoji Saka, Makoto Suwki (Japan)
  • 124/B1003 Microbiologically Induced Corrosion of Stainless Steel in Drinking Water Plumbing Systems
    /. Huebner, U. Stuhlfauth-Roisch, H. Schlerkmann, K. Lindner, F. Karrenbrock (Germany)
  • 125/B1024 Protecting Urban Water Distribution Systems against Accidental Hazards Intrusions
    A. Ostfeld, A. Kessler (Israel)
  • 126/B1031 Jacking of Rectangular Reinforced Concrete Pipes
    B. Bosseler, M. Liebscher (Germany)
  • 127/B1234 Recent trends in wastewater treatment technologies in Cuba
    N. R., Caridad Ramos, M. Lopez, Zhenia Milan, A. Pellon, M. del C. Espinosa. (Cuba)
  • 128/B1243 Pipe leaking prediction with a probabilistic neural network (PNN) model
    Sung-Ryong Ha, Youn-Hee Ryu (Korea)
  • 129/B1265 Rehabilitation and Upgrade of Water Supply Networks in Osaka City
    У. Hayami, K. Yamano, T. Nagatani, Y. Sagara (Japan)
  • 130/B1331 The Hydron Mobile Booster
    P.J. Ruiter (The Netherlands)
  • 131/B1374 The Role of Algae in Causing Conform Problems within the Distribution System
    R. Lake, S. Driver. S. Newington (UK)
  • 132/B1400 Water Loss Control Strategy ; Onep's Experience
    A. Elidrissi (Morocco)
  • 133/B1417 A Contribution to Enhance the Significance of the Microbiological Parameter "Heterotrophic Plate Count" for the Determination of Drinking Water Quality
    F. Zibuschka, G.Lindner, A. H. Famleitner, G. Reischer, R. L. Mach (Austria)
  • 134/B1457 Workflow-Supported Operating Management Of Water Supply Networks - A Case Study
    U.Dunker, I. Rameil (Germany)
  • 135/В1464 Development and Implementation of a Strategic Plan for the Rehabilitation and Management of the Sewage and Water Supply System for the City of Rehovot
    Adir Shapira, Yair Aztmon, Meir Paltiel (Israel)
  • 136/B1515 Advantages Of Water Mains Laid In The Tunnelling Method Endless Tubing Sections Enclosed By Special Concrete
    J. Schuchardt, F. Meyer (Germany)
  • 137/B2075 Sewer Assessment by Multi-sensor Systems
    M Eiswirth, C. Frey, J. Herbst, A. Jacubasch, I. Held, C. Heske, H. Hotzl, H.-B. Kuntze, J. Kramp, R. Munser, L. Wolf (Germany)
  • 138/B2111 Rehabilitation of the Water Supply Network in Hong Kong
    K.H. Wong (Chinese Hong Kong)
  • 139/P1104 Calibration Of Simulation Models For Water Supply Networks - Application To Water Supply System Of Bragan^a, Portugal
    M. C. B. F. Dias, J. M. P. Vieira, J. С. Т Valente, J. L. S. Pinho (Portugal)
  • 140/P2022 Characterising corroded surfaces by using high resolution light microscopy Т Merkel (Germany)
    141/P2029 The importance and advantages of a holistic approach to water mains rehabilitation - a case study.
    D. Whitfield (United Kingdom)
  • 142/P2098 Demand data allocation and preparation techniques in water distribution modelling.
    Y. Tselentis, I. Paraskevaides (Greece)
  • 241/B0072 Drinking Water By-Products An Istanbul Perspective
    H. Selcuk, H. Z. Sarikaya (Turkey)
  • 242/B0076 Effect of Disinfection on Biological Stability of Reclaimed Water
    J.Y. Ни, S.L. Ong, W.J. Ng, L.Y. Lee
  • 243/B0202 Application of Chlorine Dioxide in Japanese Water Supply
    M. Itoh, T. Aizawa, S. Ohgaki, T. Hirata, N. Matsumoto, T. Kanbayashi, Y.Tsutsumi, T. Hasegawa (Japan)
  • 244/B0254 Development And Use of Ferrate (VI) Salt as an Oxidant and coagulant for water treatment
    J.q. Jiang, L. Grigore, B.J. Lloyd (United Kingdom)
  • 245/B0347 Factors affecting quantification of assimilable organic carbon (AOC) release from polymers in drinking water systems
    H.-J. Albrechtsen, C. B. Corfitzen, E. Arvin, C. Jftrgensen (Denmark)
  • 246/B0397 7-day water quality assurance backed by optimum water quality control
    K. Kobayashi, T. Sasaki, T. Miyagawa, D. Nagashio (Japan)
  • 247/B0458 Prevention of undesirable water quality changes In a long-distance distribution system
    K. Munka, E. Bilchlerovd, M. Kardcsonyovd, H. Zajicovd (Slovak Republic)
  • 248/B0492 Formation Of Trihalogenmethanes And Chloroacetic Acids From Loose Deposits In Water Distribution Systems
    A. Gnaw/aid, V. Janda, P. Fisar (Czech Republic)
  • 249/B1023 Removal of Fecal Conforms from the UASBR Effluent Using Lime and Fenton's Reagent
    At. Kumar, A. K. Mittal (India)
  • 251/ВШ8 Long-Term Reliability Of Uv For Water Disinfection
    J-M. Laine, M.-L. Janex, N. Picard, B. Schwartz, J.-M. Lame (France)
  • 252/B1298 Using a Mathematic Model to Study the Chlorine Residuals in Drinking-Water Distribution Systems
    L.-y. Lee,C. Lu (Chinese Taiwan)
  • 253/B1314 Evaluating and monitoring of the fluence in a vertical reactor by biodosimetry, actinometry and CFD approaches.
    P. Cervantes, A. Vidal, C. Laplace, C. Levecq, C. de Traversay. (France)
  • 254/B1500 Predicting The Formation Of Dbpfp For Water Resources In Taiwan By Experimental Model
    Cheng-Nan Chang. Ying-Shih Ma, Chia-Hsing Wu (PR China)
  • 255/B1503 Virucidal Activity of Coagulant PAC1 and Alum
    У. Matsui, T. Matsushita, Y. Imai, S. Sakuma, T. Inoue (Japan)
  • 256/B1S45 Inactivation Of Selected Microorganisms In Water By Tio2 Photocatalysis In A Combined Cstr Fluidized Bed Reactor
    R. Armon, V.Cohen-Yaniv (Israel)
  • 257/B1559 The Efficiency Value Of Combined Microfiltration Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems To Reclaim Wastewater
    R. Iranpour, H.Von Bremen, M.Vosoughi, J.Cuny, D.Miller, S.Kharaghani (USA)
  • 258/B1584 Evaluation Of Disinfection By-Product Removal By GC-MS And Ames
    W. Lin, Y. Yunan, W. Baozhen (PR China)
  • 259/B2105 Behavior of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Wastewater Treatment Plants
    M. Goto, S. Kuribayashi, H. Tsugura (Japan}
  • 260/Р1004 Mixed Ozonation - Chlorination By-Products
    C. von Stechow, D. A. Reckhow (Germany)
  • 261/P1015 Uv-Radiation And Wastewater Quality Parameters As Operational Indicators Of Disinfection Efficiency
    A. Santas Morcillo, E. Alonso Alvarez, P. Riesco Chueca (Spain)
  • 262/P1016 Microbial Reactivation Phenomena In Disinfection Process Using UV-Radiation And Ozone
    A. Santas Morcillo; E. Alonso Alvarez, P. Riesco Chueca (Spain)
  • 263/P1029 Dynamic Of Biofilm Formation In A Pilot Water Supply System With Pipes Of Different Materials: Effect Of Chlorine Levels And UV Light
    5. Berchielli, R.Dei, R. Donate, LGalassi, P. Peruzzi (Italy)
  • 264/P1044 Effect Of Bromides On Formation Of Disinfection By-Products Resulting From Chlorination Of Water Containing Natural Organic Matter
    P. Fisar, P. Houserova, V. Janda (Czech Republic)
  • 265/P1088 Application Of Chlorine Dioxide In System Of The Closed Turnaround Water Supply Of The Enterprise
    T.Strikalenko, A.Vojtenko, N.Badyuk, N.Petrenko (Ukraine)
  • 266/P1127 The Disinfection Efficacy Of A Combined Chlorine-Monochloramine Process Against Bacterial Regrowth In A Grounwater Laboratody-Scale System
    M. N.B.Momba, S.Ndaliso (South Africa)
  • 267/P2015 In vitro genotoxic effects of surface drinking water treated with chlorine or alternative disinfectants
    S. Monarca, L. Guzzella, C. Zani, I. Zerbini, A. Alberti, B. Sartori (Italy)
  • 268//P2016 In situ monitoring of mutagenic by-products produced by disinfection of surface water using plant tests
    S. Monarca, L. Guzzella, I. Zerbini, C. Zani, M. Rizzoni, A. Alberti, D. Feretti (Italy)
  • 270/P2057 Controling Trihalomethans Formation Potential (THMFP) On Surface Water Treatment Plant "Makis"- Belgrade Water Supply
    L. Vasiljevic, M. Vasiljevic, M. Ninkovic, G.Odabasic (Yugoslavia)
  • 271/P2064 Wastewater Disinfection By-Products With Bromo-3-Chloro-5,5-Dimethylhydantoin (Bcdmh)
    K. Tosa, M. Yasuda (Japan)
  • 272/P2069 Monitoring of disinfection by-products in drinking water in Sardinia (Italy)
    A. Contu, M. Carlini, P. Meloni, M. Schintu (Italy)
  • 273/P2070 Reduction of Chlorination in Water Processing using Membrane-Electrolysis-Process in Public University Indoor Swimming Pool Bremen
    K. Chrobok, W. Thiemann (Germany)
  • 274/P2088 The effect of Chlorination on availability of microbial nutrients in drinking water
    M. J. Lehtola, I. T. Miettinen, T. Vartiainen, P. J. Martikainen (Finland)
  • 275/P2131 Change of chlorinated Microcystis cell and removal characteristic of three microcystins by Chlorination.
    Ilhwan Choi, Hackchul Kim, Yeounsuk Kim (Korea)
  • 171/B0029 Effects Of Particle Size Distribution On The Cake Formation In Crossflow Microfiltration
    S. Kirn, S.-H. Cho, H. Park (Korea)
  • 172/B0032 Search for the fundamentals of biological activated carbon filtration
    L.T.J. van derAa, L.C. Rietveld, J.A.M.H. Hofman (The Netherlands)
  • 173/B0107 Rehabilitation of Rapid Gravity Filter Systems from the Bottom Up.
    A. Eades (United Kingdom)
  • 174/B0120 Characterization Of The Organic Matter Transformation In The Different Stages Of Water Treatment Process
    A. Matilainen, N. Lindqvist, S. Korhonen, T. Tuhkanen (Finland)
  • 175/B0128 Characterization And Destabilization Of Spent Filter Backwash Water Particles
    A. Adin, F. Banner, L. Dean, Z. Huberman, A. Nasser (Israel)
  • 176/B0163 Water Quality And Financial Implications Of Algal Species Penetrating Water Purification Processes
    A.J.H. Pieterse, M. J.F. Krilger (South Africa)
  • 177/B0172 Optimisation Of Coagulation And Chlorination In Drinking Water Treatment: Laboratory And Full Scale Studies
    N.D. Basson, C.F. Schutte (South Africa)
  • 178/B0181 Hydraulic Study And Optimisation Of Water Treatment Processes Using Numerical Simulation
    C. Levecq, K. Essemiani, C. de Traversay (France)
  • 179/B0221 Activated Carbon Surface Chemistry and Pore Structure Effects on Adsorption of Volatile Organic Compounds from Natural Water
    P. A. Quinlivan, L. Li, D. R. U. Knappe (USA)
  • 180/B0317 Nanofiltration Membrane Performance at a Single Element Bench-Scale Test (SEBST)
    J. N. Chen, C. H. Ni, G. D. Lin (Chinese Taiwan)
  • 181/B0351 Ozonation Of Humic Substances Extracted From The Han River Water
    M. J. Yu, I. Han, Y. H. Kirn, H. C. Kirn (Korea)
  • 182/B0372 How To Win The Battle Against Tastes And Toxins In Drinking Water Using Activated Carbon
    G. Newcombe, D. Cook, J. Morrison (Australia)
  • 183/B0373 In the (Adsorption) Competition Between NOM And MIB, Who is the Winner - And Why?
    C. Hepple-white, G. Newcombe, J. Morrison (Australia)
  • 184/B0410 Removal Characteristics of Spring Hybrid Filter applied to Water Bloom Treatment
    K. Taki, K. Murakami, A. Higashiyama, H. Tatsumoto, S. Mononobe, K. Kato (Japan)
  • 18S/B1007 Biological reduction of NOM in rapid sand filters for removing iron and manganese
    A. Korth, C. Czekalla, B. Bendinge, K. Wichmann (Germany)
  • 186/B1116 The Virtual Plant: Some Examples of Application in the Drinking Water Industry
    5'. Damis, Z. Do-Quang (France)
  • 187/B1132 Extraction Of Heavy Metal Ions From Water Solutions By Ultrafiltration In The Presence Of Humic Matter
    M.Bryk, AAlpatova (Ukraine)
  • 188/В1143 Fouling Mechanism Considering Production Of Utilization- And Biomass- Associated Extracellular Polymers In Membrane Bioreactor
    H. Nagaoka, S. Kono, S. Hamaya (Japan)
  • 189/B1218 Analysis of EDCs by Mass Spectrometry and Removal of EDCs by Membranes
    Tae-Uk Kim, Hong-Joo Lee, Sangyoup Lee, Jaeweon Cho and Seung-Hyeon Moon (Korea)
  • 190/B1376 4-Dimensional Monitoring of Aromatic Hydrocarbon Groundwater Contamination
    N.Fleischmann, G. Langergraber, A. Weingartner, F. Hofstaedter (Austria)
  • 191/B1378 UV/VIS spectroscopy for the monitoring of testfilters
    G. Langergraber, N. Fleischmann, K. Staubmann (Austria)
  • 192/B1434 Nickel Removal Without Sludge Generation
    P. B. Nielsen; T.C. Christensen, A. Raben (Denmark)
  • 193/B1486 Removal Of Organic Micropollutants With GAC And ACF In Tap Water
    Z. R. Sun, B. Z. Wang, X. Ни (PR China)
  • 194/B1502 Comparison of Backwash Methods for Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
    Y.-J. Jeong, C. S. B. Fitzpatrick (United Kingdom)
  • 195/B1596 The efficiency and mechanism of enhanced treatment in polluted drinking water by composite potassium permanganate (CP) pretreatment process
    X. Guoren, L. Guibai (PR China)
  • 196/B2008 Development of cadmium and nickel removal in surface and subsurface water treatment technologies
    /. Licsko (Hungary)
  • 197/P0004 Lipid Biomarkers In Characterizing Microbial Communities In Drinking Water Biofilms
    M. M. Keinanen, L. K. Korhonen, P.J. Martikainen, M. H. Suutari (Finland)
  • 198/P0018 Effect of Bromide Ion on Haloacetonitrile formation by Disinfect ion with Chlorine
    H. Poumoghaddas (Iran)
  • 199/P0020 Enhanced Coagulation - Improvement Of The Drinking Water Quality And Protection Of The Environment
    M. Perisic (Yugoslavia)
  • 200/P1005 Water Treatment Using The Secltus (Self-Cleaning Tube Settler) - A New Much Easier Maintanace Tube Settler
    S. B. Kwon, S. Y. Oh, 3. H. Kim. J. J. Oh (Korea)
  • 201/P1017 Small reactor for fast and simple studies of biofilms
    A. Rechenburg, C. Koch, J.Gebel, V. Vacata, M. Exner (Germany)
  • 202/P1028 Water treatment control by light transmission analysis
    Г. Chambino, A. Correia, J. Coelho, J. Gregory (Portugal)
  • 203/P1037 Pre-oxidation with Potassium Permanganate: The Oxidation Solution To Many Drinking Water Treatment Problems
    Philip Vella (USA)
  • 204/P1048 Solar pasteurisation for the provision of potable water
    Г D Masoabi, Т S Nevondo and Т Е Cloete (South Africa)
  • 205/P1077 Removal Of THM Precursors By Coagulation Or Ion Exchange
    Brian Bolto, David Dixon, Rob Eldridge and Simon King (Australia)
  • 206/P1087 Detection of methane oxidizing bacteria with 16S rRNA targeted probes in waterworks treating anaerobic, methane containing groundwater
    B. Bendinger, N. Engefehr, W. Manz (Germany)
  • 207/Р1094 Pilot-Plant Operation for Drinking Water Treatment by Ozone Advanced Oxidation in Taiwan
    J.J. Wu, C.C. Wu, W.J. Huang, Y.W. Ко, Н.Р. Chiang, J.L. Su (Chinese Taiwan)
  • 208/P1097 Comparison Of Ethanol, Sugar And Acetic Acid As Electron Donor In Bio.Denitrification Of Drinking Water Using Upflow Fixed-Bed Reactors
    A. Torabian M.Ghafarzadeh B.Aminzadeh (Iraq)
  • 209/P1105 Pathogen Protection Using UltraFiltration at a Rural Ground Water Supply in Scotland
    D. Welch, D. Reed, E. Irvine (United Kingdom)
  • 210/P1125 The storage pond system on the experimental field of the German Federal Environmental Agency
    H. Bartel, G. Grutzmacher (Germany)
  • 211/РП26 New Process For Arsenic Remediation In Drinking Water
    G. Del Signore (Italy)
  • 212/РП31 Evaluation Of Trace Organic Removal By Different Unit Operations In Three Water Reuse Plants
    H. Park, A. Castaneda-Jimenez, I.H. (Mel) Suffet, E. Ruth, B. Levine, V. Lazarova (USA)
  • 213/P2005 Removal ofNOM using biological loop media sedimentation tank
    Sang Jun Sim, Youn Seok Kang, and Woo Sik Kim (Korea)
  • 214/P2006 Manganese Removal by Chlorine Dioxide and Ultrafiltration
    Ji-Hoon Jung, Seockheon Lee, Yonghun Lee, Kyu-Hong Ahn (Korea)
  • 215/P2013 Optimising the water treatment by adding a pre-ozonotion step to the flocciilation and filtration process
    A. E. Nienhiiser, K.-Heinz Schlubeck, R. Roggatz (Germany)
  • 216/P2021 Contamination Of Drinking Water Reservoir Sediments With Organic And Inorganic Micropollutants In Slovak Republic
    P. Hucko (Slovak Republic)
  • 217/P2026 Removal Of Natural Organic Matter (Nom) And Turbidity By Coagulation/Air Flotation: A Comparative Study
    R. A. Boaventura, A. C. Costa, E. L. Guimaraes, R. Reis and M. Silva (Portugal)
  • 218/P2034 Removal Of Natural Dissolved Uranium By Nanofiltration
    R. Liikanen, R. Laukkanen (Finland)
  • 219/P2042 Properties Of Aluminium- And Iron Hydroxides
    A. Pikkarainena, J. Jokelab, R. Laitinenc (Finland)
  • 220/P2043 Coagulation And Flocculation Studies On Different Particle Suspensions
    J. Jokelaa, L. Gillbergb (Finland)
  • 221/P2045 Preliminary Results On Cadmium And Lead Concentrations In Drinking Water In Greece
    S. Karavoltsos, A. Sakellari, M. Dasenakis, M. Scoullos (Greece)
  • 222/P2068 An Innovative Technology for Reducing the Finished Water Turbidity during Sand Filtration by Using Both Filters coated with PAC1 and PAC1 Dosing in Influents Kunio EBIE and Jae-Ho LEE (Japan)
    223/P2094 Removal Of Organic Micropollutants In Aqueous Streams By Advanced Technologies
    N.Bolafio, L. Gomez, A. Urkiaga, L. De Las Fuentes Gaiker (Spain)
    224/P2099 Role of membrane technology in drinking water treatment in turkey Ismail Koyuncu (Turkey)
  • 225/P2102 CFD Modeling To Predict Residence Time In Clearwell
    J. H. Kim, J. K. Yoon, E. J. Ha (Korea)
  • Use Of Ozone In Groundwater Treatment
    J. Sallanko, J. Ropelinen, M. Sillanpaa (Finland)
  • The Filter Performance Evaluation In Drinking Water Treatment Plant - Case Study In Korea
    J. H. Kirn, B. Y. Shon, J. K. Yoon, S. B. Kwon (Korea)
  • Effect of metal ion on humic acid removal and permeation properties by ultrafiltration
    Shih-Hsiung Chen,Ching-Shan Hsu, Rey-May Liou (Chinese Taiwan)
  • The Role of Permanganate for In-Situ Remediation of Contaminated Soil and Water
    P. Vella, B. Veronda, D. Amarante (USA)
  • Innovative Photocatalytic Reactor For Oxidation OfNon Biodegradable Water Contaminants
    R. Penafiel, M.Jekel (Germany)
  • Reuse Of Different Filter Backwash Waters Using A Submerged Membrane System
    T. Kotzle, G. Merki, P. A. Wilderer (Germany)
  • Synthesis of activated carbon with both mesopore and iron nanoparticle and its removal property for humic acid
    Yoshmii Seida, Kaori Watanabe and Yoshio Nakano (japan)
  • Arsenic free water
    A. Bemstorff (Germany)
  • Study on drinking-water and possible health risks in Lao PDR
    S. Nakamura, Y. Midorikawa, M. Saito, M. Yamanaka, K. Suzuki, B. Phommasack, S. Rattiphone, R. Phetsouvanh (Japan)
  • Heavy Metal Removal From Drinking Water By Membrane And Analytical Control
    L. Pietrelli, M. Spadoni, V. Pinto, M.R. Montereali, F. Ponti (Italy)
  • 0081/B0002 Multi-objective optimisation for selection of more sustainable domestic wastewater treatment systems
    A.J. Balkema, H.A. Preisig, R. Otterpohl, S.R. Weijers, A.J.D. Lambert (The Netherlands)
  • 082/B0030 Expected changes of water and substance flows by a hypothetical implementation of ecological sanitary concepts in Berlin
    R. Enders, M. Hohmann, M. Jekel (Germany)
  • 083/B0033 The Study on Treatment of Leachate by Two Phase Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (TPAMB)
    Moon H. Hwang, Seung H. Нуип, Nam J. Jang, Jae Weon. Cho, In S. Kim, Sung T. Lee (Korea)
  • 084/B0034 The Effect of Salts on After-Storage Activity of an Immobilized Biocatalyst for Nitrogen Removal
    Y. Abadi, T. Wilike, K.D. Vorlop, Y. Argaman (Israel)
  • 085/B0036 Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal in Membrane Bioreactors
    C. Adam, B. Lesjean, R. Gnirss, S. Rosenberger, M. Kraume, H. Buisson (Germany)
  • 086/B0045 Combined anaerob and wetland treatment for winery wastes with the ABIRER-System an economically feasible option for the sustainable treatment of agricultural sewage
    J. Kai Dobelmann, D. Hagen Mueller (Germany)
  • 087/B0059 Constructed Wetland For Water Pollution Control In Southern Italy
    E. Ranieri (Italy)
  • 088/B0067 Treatment Of Pulp Bleaching Wastewater Using Enzymes And Coagulants
    H. Ichikawa, S. Wada, K. Tatsumi (Japan)
  • 089/B0071 Decolorization Of Raw And Biologically Treated Textile Wastewater By Fenton Oxidation And Chemical Coagulation
    H. Selcuk, H. Z. Sarikaya, M. Ozturk (Turkey)
  • 090/B0081 A Full-Scale Demonstration Of Nutrients Removal In A Single Reactor Combining Anaerobic And Aerobic Conditions
    Y. Su Choi, S. Won Hong, Y. Dae Lee, J. Park, H.Sik Yoon (Korea)
  • 091/B0087 Enhancement of monochlorophenol biodegradation by Fenton's reagent pre-oxidation.
    H. Shemer, S. Sabach, N. Narkis (Israel)
  • 092/B0103 Neural Networks For Identification And Control Of Operational Data Of A Wastewater Treatment Facility
    G. Capodaglio, L. Fortina, M. Oimo (Italy)
  • 093/B0117 Effects Of Reduced Carryover (Internal) And Varying Metabolism Of Biological Treatment (External) On Organic Matter Removal From Kraft Bleaching Filtrates
    Luonsi, S. Halttunen, M. Saloniemi (Finland)
  • 094/B0118 Coagulation-flocculation of municipal sewage with Ferric Chloride
    G. Elsamrani, E.e Montarges-Pelletier, B. S. Lartiges, 0. Barres, J.Ghanbaja (France)
  • 095/B0137 Iron Oxyhydroxide: An Efficient Sorbent For Immobilization Of Heavy Metals From Flyash Disposal Pond Effluent
    K. Banerjee, C. D. Blumenschein (USA)
  • 096/B0140 Regeneration of process water containing surfactants by nanofiltration - investigation and modelling of mass transport
    Wendler, B. Goers, G. Wozny (Germany)
  • 097/B0150 Measures to reduce the supply of mercury to wastewater sludge
    Wistrand (Sweden)
  • 098/В0168 ZenoGemR In Pharmaceutical Waste Water Treatment For Nothern Europe
    M. Brockmann, S. Monti, C. Gungerich, J. Ross (Germany)
  • 099/B0186 Influence of nitrogen volumetric loading on the growth dynamics of autotrophic biomass in activated sludge
    J.-M. Choubert, Y. Racault, A. Grasmick, A. Heduit (France)
  • 100/B0188 Ecosan closing the loop in waste water management and sanitation o a new supra regional project ofgtz
    C. Wemer (Germany)
  • 101/B0213 Decision support tools for WWTP retrofit: the city of Morkhoven case study
    G. Broeckaert, D. Bixio, M. Weemaes, M. De Visscher, G. De Gueldre and C. Thoeye (Belgium)
  • 102/B0215 An Appropriate Ecological Sanitation Concept for Domestic Wastewater Treatment and Reuse:
    Separation and Composting of Solids and Biological Treatment of Filtrate
    D. Raj Gajurel, J. Behrendt, Z. Li, R. Otterpohl (Germany)
  • 103/B0225 Catalytic Ozonation Of 2-Dichlorophenol By Metallic Ions
    C.H. Ni, J.N. Chen (Chinese Taiwan)
  • 104/B0238 Pretreatment of Industrial Wastewater by Ammonia Stripping to optimise Heavy Metal Removal Efficiency Modelling and Experimental Results
    J. Mihopulos, E. Hoffmann, H. H. Hahn (Germany)
  • 105/B0247 Development of A Novel Algorithm of Kinetic Model for Microbial Systems
    Y. Shing Wu, C. Feng Chiang, C. Jen Lu (Chinese Taiwan)
  • 106/B0250 Aerobic pre-treatment of OMW before reuse in agriculture
    D. Herold, A. Neskakis (Germany)
  • 107/B0290 Centralised versus decentralised treatment and disposal options for kiiciikcekmece basin of Istanbul City
    V. Eroglu, H. Z. Sarikaya, E. Yiiksel (Turkey)
  • 108/B0294 Heavy Metal Removal from Foundry Wastewater by Adsorption
    E. Smith, A. Amini (Egypt)
  • 109/B0304 Thermophilic Treatment Of Distillery Wastewater
    Chung, D. Chang (Korea)
  • 110/B0310 Synergy Benefits of the Integrated Operation of an Industrial and a Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
    Catrin Bomemann, Evangelos Kemalides, Jorg Londong, Thomas Ries, Matthaus Schmidt, Ulrich Werthmann (Germany)
  • П1/В0311 Enhancement of Pentachlorophenol Degradation by Electron Beam Process with Additional OH Radical Generation from H02 Radical
    E. Kirn, I. S. Kirn, J. H. Lee (Korea)
  • 112/B0318 Ozonation of Domestic Secondary Effluent for Recycling and Reuse - A Pilot Plant Study
    C.H. Ni, J.N. Chen, Y.C. Tsai, W.B. Chen and C.H. Chen (Chinese Taiwan)
  • ПЗ/В0325 Treatability And Adverse Effects Of Landfill Leachate In A Municipal Wastewater Treatment System
    F. Ceyen, D. Cakiroglu (Turkey)
  • 114/B0335 Reuse of industrial waste sludges in wastewater treatment
    T. Chambino, A. Correia, A. Goncalves, F. Bartolomeu (Portugal)
  • 115/В0340 Photocatalytic degradation of the herbicides propanil and molinate over aqueous Tio2 suspensions:
    identification of intermediates and the reaction pathway.
    K. Konstantinou, A. K. Zarkadis, V. A. Sakkas, T. A. Albanis (Greece)
  • 116/B0345 Modeling Oxidation Processes In Intermittent Unsaturated Infiltration
    Bancole, F. Brissaud (France)
  • 117/B0393 Ventilation of, and ammonia emission from, urine separating sewage systems
    H. Jonsson (Sweden)
  • 118/B0398 Influence Of Substrate Load On Biofilm Structure In A Rotating Disc Reactor
    S. Wasche, P. Otto, H. Horn, D. C. Hempel (Germany)
  • 119/B0408 A Study of the Application Plan and Purification of the Water Quality for close-to-nature Stream from Agricultural Land in Korea
    Ha-Song Kim, Byung-Sun Ihm, Jee-June Song (Korea)
  • 120/B0412 Nutrient Removal In Municipal Wastewater By Phased Isolation Intrachannel Clarifier Ditch
    Kiho Hong, Duk Chang, Seongcheol Seo, SangBae Han (Korea)
  • 121/B0423 Anaerobic Acidogenesis: Production Of Vfa As A Carbon Source From Municipal Solid Waste Supplemented With Primary Sludge
    M. K. Kwon, Y. J. Jung, A. R. Khan, C. H. Do, Y. J. Kirn and K. S. Min (Korea)
  • 122/B0433 Horizontal Flow Anaerobic Filter System For Advanced Treatment Of Municipal Wastewater
    Seongcheol Seo, Dong-il Lee, Duk Chang (Korea)
  • 123/B0464 Elimination of endocrine disrupting compounds from wastewater by membrane processes
    M. Gallenkemper, T. Wintgens, Th. Melin (Germany)
  • 124/B0477 Modeling Of Leachate Production From The Izaydas Sanitary Landfill
    T. Eren, T. T. Onay, N. K. Copty, 0. Erkal (Turkey)
  • 125/B0499 Clean and simple procedure to prepare chelating agents from sugarcane bagasse
    U. S. Orlando, A. U. Baes, W. Nishijima, M. Okada (Japan)
  • 126/ 127/B1019 A two-stage NF process for cleaning of CIP waters from x-ray contrast media production
    Drews, T. Klahm, M. Saygili, H. Mutter, M. Kraume (Germany)
  • 128/B1027 Microelectrode Measurements of Activated Sludge Floe in High and Low Concentrated Wastewater Treatment Processes
    Li, P. Bishop (USA)
  • 129/B1030 Stable N-elimination on the nitrite route in a full-scale SBR for rejection water treatment
    B. Wett (Austria)
  • 130/B1057 Use of pure oxygen for increasing the performance of biological aerated filters (BAF) during peak load and relevance on process design
    R. Brambach, P. Kleinert, A. Ante, E. Rather, P. Corn (Germany)
  • 131/B1067 Phosphorus And Nitrogen Removal In Two Oxidation Ditch Sewage Treatment Plants In South-East Queensland, Australia
    Hamlyn Harris, C. K. Hertle, D. W. De Haas, S Komarowski, R Walpole (Australia)
  • 132/B1092 Aerobic Biodegradation of Alkylphenols present in Petrochemical Wastewaters
    M. E. Acuna-Arguelles., P. Olguin-Lora, L. Puig-Grajales, E. Razo-Flores (Mexico)
  • 133/B1095 Biotreatment of a pharmaceutical manufacturing wastewater with powdered activated carbon addition
    Cecen, 6. Akta, M. Robinson (Turkey)
  • 134/В 1111 Applications of trickling filter for urban wastewater treatment
    Bonnieux, P. Chatellier, A. Grasmick, F. Virloget, J.M. Audic,J. Mallevialle (France)
  • 135/B1124 Comparison Of Aerobic And Anoxic Phoshorus Uptake In Ndbepr Systems (Uct And Enbnras)
    S. M. Vermande, S. Sotemann, G. Aguilera Soriano, M. Wentzel, J.M. Audic, G Ekama. (France)
  • 136/B1135 The innuence of reactor operation on the biological degradation of З-сЫого-4-methyl aniline in an extractive membrane bioreactor
    G. Wolf, J. S. Almeida, C. Pinheiro, C. Rodrigues, M. A. M. Reis, J. G. Crespo (Portugal)
  • 137/B1137 Frequency, composition, cause and clearing of blockages of the trap of urine-separating toilets
    Jonsson, M. Lindgren, B. Vinnerds, A. Wallertz (Sweden)
  • 138/B1171 Dynamic Simulation of a Full Scale BIOFOR Bio filter Plant with Nitrification and Denitrification
    Spering, V; Alex, J. and A. Sey fried (Germany)
  • 139/ВП81 Circular primary clarifier running in transverse mode: A hydraulically and economically profitable solution
    Lengricht, A. Schuiz, K.-U.Graw (Germany)
  • 140/B1183 Enhancement of Sewage Sedimentation with Magnetic Field
    F.Othman, J. Sohaili, Z. Abd Wahid, Z. Faisal Khamisan (Malaysia)
  • 141/B1200 Computational Study of a clarifier in wastewater treatment plant
    K. Essemiani, C. de Traversay, S. Laine, J. Lesavre (France)
  • 142/B1202 Method for removing heavy metals from metal plating effluents
    J. Heikkinena, P. Pirkonena, J.Koskinenb, R. Lahtinenb, A. Mahioutb (Finland)
  • 143/B1205 Optimal Experimental Design for Estimating Ammonia and Nitrite Oxidation Biokinetics from Batch Respirograms
    K. Chandran, Z. Ни, B.F. Smets (USA)
  • 144/B1208 Hajasampo - Development Of Management Systems For On-Site Wastewater Treatment Plants -Treatment Efficiency Of Small Wastewater Treatment Plants
    K. Kujala-Rdty, Erkki Santala (Finland)
  • 145/B1226 Desorption mechanism of phenanthrene from synthetic kaolinite-humic acid-phenanthrene system
    K. Takimoto, K. Sugimoto, Y. Ninomiya, T. Mukai, K. J. Cho, M. Okada (Japan)
  • 146/B1236 Efficiency And Cost Evaluation Of A Bioadditive Control Strategy Of Activated Sludge Foaming
    B. Soukup, P. Chudoba, J. Wanner (Czech Republic)
  • 147/B1289 Denitrification with caprolactam by acclimated mixed culture and by pure culture of bacteria isolated from acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin manufactured wastewater treatment system
    Chun Chin Wang, Chi-Mei Lee (PR China)
  • 148/B1300 Effects of Operating Flux on Membrane Fouling during an Immersed Membrane Filtration Process for Wastewater Treatment
    Yonghun Lee, Kyu-Hong Ahn, Ick-Tae Yoem, You-Mi Nah (Korea)
  • 149/B1317 Influence of Hydrodynanuc on Suspended Biomass Growth in Upflow Anaerobic Filters
    Kuan-Yeow Show, Joo-Hwa Toy (Singapore)
  • 150/B1321 Use of the Solid Residence Time of Activated Sludge Clarifiers as a Thickening Time for Calculating Underflow Concentration
    Dimos Giokas, Youngchul Kim, P.A. Paraskevas, Jong-Min Oh (Korea)
  • 151/B1322 Inclusion Behavior of Impurities at the Formation of an Ice Sphere by Adsorption
    Y. Taguchi, J. GUO (Japan)
  • 152/В1329 Utilization of respirometry and laboratory kinetic batch experiments for asm no. 2D model calibration of wastewater treatment plants.
    Holba, V. Todt, 0. Benes, T. Hlousek, M. Pecenka, J. Wanner (Czech Republic)
  • 153/B1330 Detailed monitoring of 8 Czech nutrient removal activated sludge plants during year 2000:
    operation, microbial evaluation of activated sludge and filamentous population, cell surface hydrophobicity measurement and kinetic batch tests on phosphorus release and uptake
    Krhutkova, K. Hiadikova, T. Hlousek, M. Holba, I. Ruzickova, J. Wanner (Czech Republic)
    154/B1337 A rapid respirometric assay for toxicity assessment of waste water
    Tzoris, E. A. H. Hall (UK)
  • 155/B1352 Enhanced TCE dechlorination by complex organics under anaerobic conditions
    M. Kao, S. S. Chen, H. Y. Lee, K.F. Chen, S.E. Lei (Chinese Taiwan)
  • 156/B1367 Assessment of the fouling potential of wastewater treatment plant effluent using a modified capillary suction time measurement
    K. Van Hege, G. De Smedt, T. Dewettinck, W. Verstraete (Belgium)
  • 157/B1370 Household Organic Waste Management by Vermiculture
    K. Mathew, M Anda, G. Ho (Australia)
  • 158/B1375 On-line and In-situ Measurement of Turbidity and COD in wastewater using UV/VIS -Spectrometry
    N. Fleischmann, G. Langergrabe, F. Hofstaedter, A. Weingartner, S. Nusch, P. Maurer (Austria)
  • 159/B1380 Effect Of Surfactants And Salicylate On Biodegradation Of Phenanthrene
    Lei Yang, Chon-Lin Lee and Kung-Shich Chuang (PR China)
  • 160/B1386 Simulation study supporting wastewater treatment plant upgrading
    N. Hvala, D. Vrecko, 0. Burica, M. Strazar, M. Levstek (Slovenia)
  • 161/B1408 Influence Of Volatile Fatty Acid Composition On Methanogenesis
    B. Demirel, 0. Yenigun (Turkey)
  • 162/B1415 Papernull Biofilter Characterization By Respirometric Techniques
    G. Andreottola, P. Foladori, M. Ragazzi, S. Rigotti (Italy)
  • 163/B1418 Biological non-conventional treatment of toxic and coloured industrial wastewater by fungi
    P. Blanquez, G.Caminal, M. Sarra, T. Vicent, X. Gabarrell (Spain)
  • 164/B1419 Dynamic Simulation of the Sludge Blanket in the Activated Sludge Circular Secondary Clarifiers During Rainstorm Events
    D.LGiokas, P.A.Paraskevas, Y.Kim, E.K.Paleologos, T.D. Lekkas (Greece)
  • 165/B1436 Operational measures for improving nutrient removal by the conventional activated sludge process under tropical temperature conditions
    Chevakidagam P., Orth H" Ratanachai C. (Germany)
  • 166/B1447 Interaction Of The Different Heavy Metal Ions With Immobilised Bacterial Culture Degrading Xenobiotic Waste Water Compounds
    H. Hussein, R. Krull, S. L Abou-Elela, D. C. Hempel (Egypt)
  • 167/B1451 Dyes Wastewater Treatment by Reduction-Oxidation Process in An Electrochemical Reactor Packed with Natural Manganese Mineral
    Jiu-Hui Qu, Hui-Juan Liu, Suo-Xiang Liu, Pen-Ju Lei (PR China)
  • 168/B1454 Chances and limits of waste water treatment measures to improve the quality of running waters for potable water production - illustrated by the river Ruhr
    R. Klopp, U. Iske, P. Lipka (Germany)
  • 169/В1463 Effect Of Peptone/Glucose Ratio On Biohydrogen Production Through Anaerobic Fermenting Mixture Of Glucose And Peptone
    Ming-Der Bai, Sheng-Shung Cheng, Shi-Min Chang (PR China)
  • 170/B1468 Oxidation of Fe2 + by Iron Bacteria Acclimated from Activated Sludge
    Miki, T. Kato, K. Ito (Japan)
  • 171/B1480 The MEMRODR Project, Wastewater Treatment on vessels
    Richter, A. Kraft (Germany)
  • 172/B1481 BNR performance of an anoxic activated sludge system using external biofilm-nitrification
    J. Vestner, F. W. Gunthert (Germany)
  • 173/B1484 Denitrification System Analysis with Refined Approach
    Zuwhan Yun, Euiso Choi, Ph.D., Prof., Yongsuk Hong, MS (Korea)
  • 174/B1488 Appropriate Technologies for Greywater Recycling in Urban Areas
    Z. Li; D. R, Gajurel, J. Behrendt, H. Gulyas, R. Otterpohl (Germany)
  • 175/B1497 Combined Treatment of Pharmaceutical Wastewater by Intermittent Ozonation and Biological Activated Sludge
    Arslan, I. Akmehmet Balcioglu (Turkey)
  • 176/B1510 Biological Pretreatment of Wastewater Containing Sulfate Using Anaerobic Immobilized Cells
    Tzu-Yeuh Shu, Wen-Chien Kuo {Chinese Taiwan)
  • 177/B1516 Effective Treatment of Abattoir Wastewater Using High Rate Algal Ponds
    R. Evans, N.J. Cromar, H.J Fallowfield (Australia)
  • 178/B1517 Continuous Monitoring For Aerobic Digesters Using Sliding-Like Estimator
    R. Aguilar, S. Martinez, J. Alvarez (Mexico)
  • 179/B1523 The Use Of Advanced Techniques In Bioassay Tests For The Proposal Of Operational Parameters Of The Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Process
    V. Stergar, J. Zagorc-Koncan (Slovenia)
  • 180/B1524 Modeling And Experimetal Evaluation Of An Electrochemical Process To Remove Chromium Vi From Rinsing Waters In A Continuous Reactor
    5. A. Martinet, R. Aguilar, M. G. Rodriguez, M.Bermejo. (Mexico)
  • 181/B1548 Impact of different sludge ages on the performance of membrane bioreactors
    S. Rosenberger, A. Schreiner, U. Wiesmann, M. Kraume (Germany)
  • 182/B1570 Oxygen transfer rates and a-values in membrane bioreactors
    P. Cornel, M. Wagner, S. Krause (Germany)
  • 183/B1582 The Effect Of Different Wastewater Components On Metallic Cations Removal By Ion Exchange Resins And Biosorbents
    R. Ofer, Y. Shmuel, A. Yerachmiel (Israel)
  • 184/B2009 Chemical pre-treatment of sewage - A cost-effective method for upgrading WWTPs
    Licsko, Z. Melicz, A. Szabo (Hungary)
  • 185/B2040 Long-term simulation of EBPR with different models including Activated Sludge Model no. 3
    Wichem, M.; Seggeike K., Rosenwinkel, K.-H. (Germany)
  • 186/B2042 Performance Comparative Analysis Of The Wastewater Treatment Plants In The Federal District Of Brazil
    K. D. Neder, R. Brostel, M. A. Almeida de Souza (Brazil)
  • 187/B2043 Determination of algae concentration in stabilisation ponds effluents through suspended solids measurement M. L. Luduvice, T. dos Reis Queiroz, K. D. Neder, M. Antonio A. de Souza (Brazil)
  • 188/В2045 Mecanisems of nitrogen remotion from pig slurry effluents treated by aerated biological filtration using peat and wood chips as organic media support.
    M. A. Garzon-Zuniga, P. Lessard, G. Buelna (Mexico)
  • 189/B2046 Alternative Control Strategies For The Optimisation Of Aerobic Sludge Digestion
    G. Andreottola, P. Foladori, M. Ragazzi (Italy)
  • 190/B2047 Electrochemical Treatment of the Wastewater Bearing Chromium and Cyanide
    Y.K. Kirn, M.Y. Oh, J.W. Kwak (Korea)
  • 191/B2060 Process Integration of a Membrane Filtration and Water Network Optimization in a Liquid Detergent Production Plant
    M. Forstmeier, B. Goers, G. Wozny, K. Spaniel, A. Zollner (Germany)
  • 192/B2061 Online toxicity control using respirometry ; four years of full scale experience
    M. Devisscher, D. Bixio, D. Geenens, C. Thoeye (Belgium)
  • 193/B2065 Fermentability Of The Organic Fractions In Wastewater
    S. Martin Ruel, P. Ginestet, J.M. Audic, Y. Comeau, G. Deronzier, A. Heduit (France)
  • 194/B2074 Contaminant balance within the urban water system: Scenario analyses and new strategies
    M. Eiswirth, H. Hotzl & L.S. Bum, G. Mitchell (Germany)
  • 195/B2078 Storage Of Multiple Substrates Under Dynamic Conditions In Anoxic Or Aerobic Environments
    D.Dionisi, V. Renzi, M. Majone, M. Beccari (Italy)
  • 196/B2081 Alternative Ecological Sanitation Options for Peri-Urban Settlements experiences from Zimbabwe
    E. Guzha (Zimbabwe)
  • 197/B2085 Options for sustainable sanitation at Christians0 o a small island in the Baltic
    M. Smith, M. Boye Hauger, B. Hoffmann, S. Gabriel, P. Steen Mikkelsen (Denmark)
  • 198/B2088 Simultaneous Removal Of Heavy Metals And Turbidity By Electroflotation
    J. Park, Y. Jung, M. Han (Korea)
  • 199/B2109 Evaluating mine water treatment choices (EMWaTCH)
    M. M. E.Brown, R. W.Barley, H. Wood, K. Parker. (United Kingdom)
  • 200/B2115 Application Of Advanced Oxidation Processes To Chemical Industrial Effluents For Inclusion Into Sewer
    L. De Las Fuentes, L. Gomez, A. Urkiaga, M Gutierrez, (Spain)
  • 201/B2118 Utilization Of Sepiolite In The Removal Of Lead From Wastewaters
    M. S. Celik, M. Turan, H. Yuzer (Turkey)
  • 202/B3002 Biological P removal and amoeba
    M. K. Nielsen, M. Henze (Denmark)
  • 203/B3007 Temperature effects on the microbial activity in an anaerobic upflow reactor during the treatment of sugarcane ethyl alcohol wastewaters treatment
    Castro-Gonzalez, C. Durdn-de-Bazua (Mexico)
  • 204/P0001 Industrial Wastewater Treatment in Egypt
    K. Brooke, H. -J. Monden, L. Nicolet-Misslbeck (Germany)
  • 205/P0002 Study of Denitrification Kinetics Using a Sequencing Batch Reactor (S.B.R.)
    Lindawati, J.P. Barford (Chinese Hong Kong)
  • 206/P0003 Use of a Phosphate Biosensor to Monitor Phosphate Uptake and Release in a Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)
    Lindawati ,J.P, Barford, Mak Wing-Cheung, Chan Chiyui, R. Renneberg (Chinese Hong Kong)
  • 207/Р0005 Alternative Choices Of Waste Water Treatment In Rural Areas
    M. Graziou (Greece)
  • 208/P0009 Occurance and Reduction of antibiotic (pathogens) bacteria in municipal sewage treatment plants
    J. Wiethan, J. Unger, A. Brunswik-Titze, K. Kummerer (Germany)
  • 209/P1003 Relationship Between Nitrogen Removal and C7N Ratio in Intermittently Aerated Activated Sludge System
    Byung-Goon, Kim In-Seok, Seo (Korea)
  • 210/P0019 Toxicity Studies Of Different Types Of Lixiviat By Respirometric Technics
    M"D. Coello Oviedo, J. Barragun Sdnchez, J.M°.Quiroga Alonso (Spain)
  • 211/P1006 Development of a tool for measurement of the degradation capacity of a biomass for xenobiotics
    Chong, N-M & Lin, T-Y (Chinese Taiwan)
  • 212/P1011 Competition Between Filamentous And Flocculant Microorganisms In Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants
    J. R. Pidre Bocardol, E. Alonso Alvarez (Spain)
  • 213/P1012 Speciation Of Heavy Metals In Sludges From Wwtps Based On Anaerobic Lagoons As The First Stage Of The Treatment Process
    G.J. Solis Sastre; E. Alonso Alvarez (Spain)
  • 214/P1013 Influence Of Cadmium On The Performance Of An Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment
    Santos Morcillo; E. Alonso Alvarez; P. Riesco Chuecal P. Cortes Moreno (Spain)
  • 215/P1018 Removal of diglyme from waste water by advanced oxidation - process design and optimisation
    Grossmann, H. Koser (Germany)
  • 216/P1019 Oxidation Of Oxalic Acid By Fenton's Regent And A Novel Electro-Fenton Method
    Yao-Hui Huang, Chih-Chun Chen, Shanshan Chou and Gaw-Hao Huang (PR China)
  • 217/P1031 Mass balance as an appropriate procedure to evaluate small WWTPs
    B. Wett, W. Becker, K. Ingerle, (Austria)
  • 218/P1035 Biosorption of Cupper (II) on Phenol Biodegradation in an Activated Sludge System
    C.S.A. Sd, R.A.R. Boaventura (Portugal)
  • 219/P1038 Cu2+ Adsorption by Pretreated Cell and Separated Cell Components of Pseudomonas putida 5-x
    L Wang , H Chua, P K Wong, P H Yu, WH Lo (Chinese Hong Kong)
  • 220/P1039 Decentralised sanitation and reuse of wastewater with an algae fixed film disc reactor
    S. Prechtl, R. Jung (Germany)
  • 221/P1041 Optimization of Advanced Oxidation Process of Textile Wastewater"
    Kos, J. Perkowski (Poland)
  • 222 223/P1046 The investigation of wastewater treatment by reciprocating microfiltration system
    Dong-Jang Chang, Shih-Hsiung Chen, Kuang-Chung Yu, and Chia-Yuan Chang (Chinese Taiwan)
  • 224/P1049 Phosphorus removal capacity of MLSS and MLVSS fractions of five activated sludge plants
    ТЕ Cloete, D J Oosthuiizen (South Africa)
  • 225/P1053 Leaching characteristics of bisphenol A from plastic products and wastes
    Tsutomu IMAOKA, Yuso HOTEHAMA (Japan)
  • 226/P1073 Cod And Biodegradation Of Chemical Additives Used In The Tanning Process
    Z.Song, S. Edwards, L. J. Shaw, K. K. Senior, R.G.Bums (United Kingdom)
  • 227/P1074 Evolution Of Microbial Activity Of The Activated Sludge System Under Starvation Conditions
    M" .D. Coello Oviedo, D. Sales Mdrquez, Quiroga J.M". Alonso, (Spain)
  • 228/Р1075 Electrochemical Particle Separation and Colour Removal from Municipal and Industrial Wastewater
    С Barrera, J. Flores, M. Palomar, M. Romero (Mexico)
  • 229/P1076 Online Electrochemical Treatment for Industrial Plating Wastewater Containing Hexavalent Chromium
    C. Barrera, F. Urena-Nunez, S. Marline?., M. Palomar (Mexico}
  • 230/P1082 Fate of the Trace Elements Arsenic and Manganese during the Ap-plication of Iron-containing Waterworks Sludge on Wastewater Treatment Plants
    Frank Oberackeri, Matthias Maieri, Dietrich Maier2, Hermann H. Hahn3 (Germany)
  • 231/P1085 UV/H202 treatment of complex effluent: key paramaters
    Y. Coque, A. Sillet, J. Roussy, 0. Thomas (France)
  • 232/P1090 Study Of Optical Properties Evolution Of Wastewater Solids For Uv Estimation Of Tss
    C. Berho, M-F. Pouet, 0. Thomas (France)
  • 233/P1091 Removal Of Zinc By Biomass Of Aquatic Mosses
    R. Martins, R. Boaventura (Portugal)
  • 234/P1093 Simulation of continuous sedimentation with distributed feed section of the settler
    Witold Nocon (Poland)
  • 235/P1108 Biological Treatment of Wastewater from Cyanide Production
    V. Nicolaevich, E. Smith (Egypt)
  • 236/P1109 Acclimatization studies of anaerobic micro-organisms
    Maneiro Franco (Italy)
  • 237/P1110 Accelerating Detoxification Kinetics of Hydrocarbons Requiring Initial Monooxygenation Reactions in a Two-Tank Activated Sludge Reactor System
    E. P. Dahlen, B. E. Rittmann (USA)
  • 238/PU15 Adsorption Of A Reactive Dyestuff Onto An Industrial Waste
    R. Rebelo, R. A. R. Boaventura (Portugal)
  • 239/P1116 Multichannel biosensor system for nitrification inhibition assays
    F. Baumeister, A. Koenig, R.D. Schmid, T.T. Bachmann, J.W. Metzger (Germany)
  • 240/P1118 Sludge Liquor Management with Store and Treat
    Frank Launch, Roland Thierbach (Germany)
  • 241/P1121 A study to enhance biodegradation of common chemical effluent by ultrasonic irradiation
    S. Venkata Mohan, K. Krishna Prasad, N. Chandrashekar Rao, A.G.Rao, P.N. Sarma andS.V. Ramakrishna (India)
  • 242/P1122 Fermentation Of Domestic Wastewater In Fixed Bed Biofilm Reactor
    G. Cuevas-Rodriguei, I. Tejero-Monzon (Spain)
  • 243/P1123 A simple in situ to quantify the release of N20 from activated sludgein and nitrifying denitryfing units of a municipal waste water treatment plant.
    G. Benckiser, J. Sommer, E.Silmer, J. C. G. Ottow (Germany)
  • 244/P1124 Released and retained N20 from a constructed wetland using groundfilter and macrophytes (Pflanzenklaranlage) in waste water purification of a dairy farm.
    G. Benckiser, A. Fey, J. C. G Ottow (Germany)
  • 245/P1132 Ozonation of mill circuit waters and effluents
    Demel, H.-J. Oeller (Germany)
  • Upgrading activated sludge process using support media
    Henri Haimi, Antonio Villarreal, Markku Hurme and Mika Sillanpaa (Finland)
  • The Nitrogen elimination from wastewaters of tanning industry
    Rusnik (Czech Republic)
  • Removal Of Mercury From Landfill Leachate By Red Mud
    D. Rubinos, M. Arias, M. T. Barral, F. Diaz-Fierros (Spain)
  • Activated Sludge Treatment And Toxicity Evaluation Of Tannery Wastewater Streams
    C. Bomhardt, J. Nieto, K. Cooman, G. Vidal (Chile)
  • Quality Of The Belgrade Wastewater
    Marjanovic (Yugoslavia)
  • Accumulation of Copper,Mercury and Lead in Spirulina platensis Studied in Zarrouk's Medium
    G. Disyawongs
  • The technical trend at the low environmental load type toilets in Japan
    N. Nakagawa ,M. Otaki, K. Ishizaki (Japan)
  • Bio removal of simulated azo dye by viable algal spirrogyra species.
    S Venkata Mohan and J Karthikeyan (Germany)
  • A Membrane bioreactor for a decentralised wastewater technology
    Stefan Holler, Walter Trffsch (Germany)
  • The Use Of Treated Natural Waste Materials As Adsorbents For Textile Dyestuffs
    S. A. Figueiredo, J. M. Loureiro, R. A. Boaventura (Portugal)
  • Adsorptive studies on various application class of azo dyes from aqueous phase onto coal based sorbents
    S Venkata Mohan and J Karthikeyan (Germany)
  • Biofiltration with porous Stones Beds to Wastewater Treatment
    Valdivia-Soto, S. Gonzalez-Martinez (Germany)
  • Ammonium-Oxidizing Toxicity Of Three Tannin Extracts Commonly Used As Natural Tanning Agents
    J. Lopez-Fiuw, R- Mendez (Spain)
  • In Situ Characterization Of The Microbial Consortia Active In A Chlorinated Activated Sludge Plant With Bulking
    J. L. Alonso, G. W. Ramirez, Y. Moreno, J. A. Basiero, I. Bemecer, J. J. Morenilla (Spain)
  • Biodegradation of mono-bromophenols by yeast Rhodotorula
    K. Katayama-Hirayama, T. Kakizaki, K. Kobayashi, S. Tobita, K. Hirayama (Japan)
  • Removal of Phosphate from Swine Wastewater through Crystallization Enhanced by Aeration
    K. Suzuki (Japan)
  • Constructed Wetlands As A Tertiary Treatment Of Domestic Wastewaters In Finland
    Jyrki Ropelinen, Outi Vddraniemi, Esko Lakso, Jarmo Sallanko (Finland)
  • Synergistic Extraction of Cd(II) with hexadentate ligand TPEN and acidic phosphorus extractant D2EHPA
    K. Takeshita, K. Watanabe, Y. Nakano (Japan)
  • Biosorption of Heavy Metals to Chlorella vulgaris
    Kenji Takeshita, Jun Fujita and Yoshio Nakano (Japan)
  • 265/Р2059 Effect Of Phenol And Heavy Metals On Nitrification In An Activated Sludge Reactor
    L. Amor. B. Femdndez, C.Kennes, M. C. Veiga (Spain)
  • 266/P2060 Nitrification in presence of formaldehyde and methanol in batch assays
    M. Eiroa, C. Kennes, M. C. Veiga (Spain)
  • 267/P2061 Effect Of The Surface Loading Rate On The Diffusion Coefficients In Denitrifying Biofilms
    L. Garcia Lopez, M. C. Veiga, M. Mosche, L. F. Melo (Spain)
  • 268/P2062 The use of an algae dunaliella tertiolecta as test organizm for the determination of toxicity of pre and post treatment effluents from Aluminium Industry
    M. Turker Sacan (Turkey)
  • 269/P2065 New COD-Model as alternative for the design of membrane bioreactors
    Wichem, M.; Liibken, M.; Rosenwinkel, K.-H. (Germany)
  • 270/P2066 Checking of dimensioning of a WWTP with different two-week loading situations and dynamic simulation with ASM 1
    M. Wichem, N. Schloesser, K.-H. Rosenwinkel (Germany)
  • 271/P2067 Optimisation of cascade denitrification plants in operation
    M. Wichem, K.-H. Rosenwinkel (Germany)
  • 272/P2072 Behavior of nonionic surfactants and related substances in wastewater treatment plants
    M. Kitatani, M. Abe, M. Kawasumi (Japan)
  • 273/P2084 Control Of Testacealobosia ArceIIa Vulgaris To Enhance Nitrification
    X.-N. Li, A. Kohama, J.-H. Kim, 0. Nisimura, Y. Inamori, R. Sudo (Japan)
  • 274/P2085 Removal of COD from Wastewater Containing Aniline by Electro-Fenton Process
    Ming-Chun Lu, Chih-Hsiang Liao, Chien-Jung Lin, Ren-Ho Tseng Yao-HuiHuang (Chinese Taiwan)
  • 275/P2086 Studies on the mechanisms of bacteria elimination in sand filters
    Alexandrine, M., Grohmann, E., Szewzyk, U. (Germany)
  • 276/P2089 Direct extraction of tRNA, rRNA and DNA by HPLC from soil filters to quantify microbial biomass and activity
    M. Schwarz, S. Fuchs, H. H. Hahn (Germany)
  • 277/P2091 Color and Organic Compounds Removal from Textile Effluent by Using Water Treatment Wastes
    M. R Shahmansouri, B. Bina, M. Falahaty (Iran)
  • 278/P2112 Treatment Characteristics of Livestock Wastewater by Electroflotation(EF).
    Shin, Min-Seok, Lee, Kwang-Hyung. Kim, Dal-Joong, Han, Moo-Young (Korea)
  • 279/P2115 Treatment Of Tannery Wastewaters With Low Cod/N Ratio
    P. Artiga, J. M. Garrido, R. Мепает. (Spain)
  • 280/Р2П6 Anaerobic pre- and aerobic post-treatment of highly loaded split flows from textile processing industry
    R. Minke, U. Rott (Germany)
  • 281/Р2П7 Effective Sewage Treatment In Combined Reactor
    V. Kolesnikov, E. Vilson, V. Vavilin, N. Kolesnikova (Russia)
  • 282/P2130 Unconventional technologies in preventing and Diminishing specific pollutants in tannery wet processes
    G. A.Zainescu. L. Veres, E. Вата (Romania)
  • 149/B0126 Activated Sludge Systems Calibration - An Interactive Approach
    A. Ostfeld (Israel)
  • 150/B0174 Thermal disintegration of sewage sludge
    J. Broil, A. Diinnebeil, G. Elbing, G. Engel, B. Heinynann, C. Sieker (Germany)
  • 151/B0400 Excess sludge disintegration by ozonation: Experiences from large-scale pilot trials at a municipal sewage treatment plant
    A. Ried, H. Stapel, M. Schettlinger, R. Koll, M. Hermans, A. Brombach, F. Wemhohner (Germany)
  • 152/B1078 Effect Of Sludge Cell Disruption On The Water Distribution In A Biological Sludge
    A. Erdincler, P. A. Vesilind (Turkey)
  • 153/B1238 Codigestion Of Municipal Sludge With Olive Oil Press Effluent And Other Residues
    S. Di Berardino, P. Fontes, D. Coelho Duarte, F. Oliveira Marques (Portugal)
  • 154/B1531 Use Of Epifluorescence Microscopy To Determinate Methanogenic Activity In Thermophilic Anaerobic Reactors
    R, Solera, L. I. Romero. D. Sales (Spain)
  • 155/B2014 Treatment And Use Of Solid Wastes From Tannery
    M.C. Lina Cardoso Vigueros у M.I. Esperanw Ramirez Camperos (Mexico)
  • 156/P1069 Effects of pretreatment on thermophilic aerobic digestion process for waste activated sludge minimization
    Young-Kee Kim, Myung-Shin Kwak, Won Hong Lee, Jeong-Woo Choi (Korea)
  • 157/P1070 Study Of The Thermal Decomposition Of Residual Sludges In A Pyrolysis Reactor
    C. A. Colin, C. R Lopez, M. F. Vdzquez, A. J. Moreno, C. 0. Olea, F. C. Valdez (Mexico)
  • 158/P1078 Enhancement of proteolytic activity secreted from Bacillus stearothermophilus for thermophilic aerobic digestion process
    Young-Kee Kim, Jin-Hye Bae, Jeong-Woo Choi and Won Hong Lee (Korea)
  • 159/P2053 Contamination Of The Sediment By The Wastewater Discharges From Wastewater Treatment Plants (WTPS) In Iro River (South Of Spain)
    R. Rodiiguez-Barroso, J. L. Garcia-Morales, J.M. Quiroga, D. Sales, (Spain)
  • 160/P2071 Sludge humification as sustainable and simple method of sewage sludge treatment
    M. Barjenbruch, 0. Kopplow (Germany)
  • 161/P2121 Floe Breakage And Dewaterability Of Alum Sludge
    Chih Chao Wu and Ruey Yi Huang (Chinese Taiwan)
  • 15-16 OCTOBER 2001, SESSION 2
  • 001/B0043 The Czech Republic approach to mitigation of diffuse pollution caused by endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).
    J. Holas, J. Roller (Czech Republic)
  • 002/B0055 Steroid Abundance And Profiles In Sewage Treatment Effluents
    /. Suprihatin, N. Cromar, H. Fallowfield, R.Bentham (Australia)
  • 003/B0070 Removal Efficiency and Homologue Patterns of Dioxins in Drinking Water Treatment
    Hyun-koo Kim, Hiroshi Masaki, Tohru Matsumura, Tasuku Kamei and Yasmoto Magara (Japan)
  • 004/B0110 Bioremediation of PAHs-contaminated site and the substrate effects
    Chin-Fang Juang, Ming-Liang Chiu, Huang-Ping Liu, Chih-Jen Lit, Chiu-Chung Young. (Chinese Taiwan)
  • 005/B0191 Genotypic analysis of the 18S rRNA genes of Cryptosporidium parasites isolated from raw sewage and human faecal samples
    C. Matthews, A. Prescott (United Kingdom)
  • 006/B0209 The Fate of Pharmaceutically-Active Compounds in Water Recycling Systems
    David L. Sedlak, James Gray, Ed Kolodziej, Karen Pinkston, Anna Schmid(USA)
  • 007/B0210 Automated Event Sampling for Microbial and Related Analytes in Remote Sites - A Comprehensive System
    D. Roser, J. Skinner, C. LeMaitre, L. Marshall, J. Baldwin, N. Ashbolt (Australia)
  • 008/B0258 Effect of ionizing radiation on waterborne pathogens and alternate indicators: Cryptosporidium parvum, Klebsiella terrigena, MS-2 phage and PRD-1 phage
    T.R. Slifko, W.H. Cooper, S. Appelt, W. Pribil, R. Sommer and J.B. Rose (USA, Austria)
  • 009/B0297 Analysis of drinking water samples for indicator organisms by PCR and application of specific gene probes in microtiterplate-format
    E. Frahm, I. Heiber, U. Obst (Germany)
  • 010/B0312 Characterisation of grey wastewater - xenobiotic organic compounds
    E. Eriksson, M. Henze, A.Ledin (Denmark)
  • 011/B0369 Receiving Water Toxicity Testing - a shortcut for ecosystem and human health protection assessment in ambient standard - based legislation
    Teodorovic, N. Djukic, B. Dalmacija, S. Maletin, B. Miljanovic, L. Zivkovic (Yugoslavia)
  • 012/B0387 Efficiency of riverbank filtration in respect to emerging pollutants
    T. Grischek (Germany)
  • 013/B0409 Ecological Estimation on Effect of On-Site Purification on Eutrophicated Lake
    Kazuhito Murakami, Yoshimasa Amano, Xiang Ни, Hitomi Matsushima, Toshio Ishii, Kazuo Taki (Japan)
  • 014/B0446 Molecular epidemiology of Cryptosporidium parvum in Japan
    K. Yagita, S. Izumiyama, Y. Kameoka, Y. Tachibana, M. Kaneko, T. Endo (Japan)
  • 015 016/B0468 Progress On Reducing Persistent Toxic Substances In The Ontario Great Lakes Basin
    T. Tseng (Canada) "'"'
  • 017/B1044 The modification and validation of a laser scanning device to detect Cryptosporidium parvum on microscope slides
    C. Morgan (United Kingdom)
  • 018/В1054 Removal of drug residues during drinking water treatment
    F. Sacher, B. Hoist-Guide, H.-J. Branch (Germany)
  • 019/B1056 Fate Of Pharmaceuticals During Indirect Potable Reuse
    J. E. Drewes, T. Heberer, K. Seddersen (USA)
  • 020/B1066 National Studies on Risk Assessment and Management of Drinking Water Pollutants in Korea
    У. Chung, (Korea)
  • 021/B1088 Relationship Between Faecal Pollution Indicators And Salmonella In Seawater
    M. A Efstratiou (Greece)
  • 022/B1099 Efficiency of Water Treatment Steps in Removing Pathogenic and Indicators Bacteria
    G. E. El-Taweel, A. M. Shaban (Egypt)
  • 023/B1138 Algae as surrogate indices for the removal of Cryptosporidium oocysts by direct filtration
    Michihiro Akiba, Sfwichi Kunikane, Han-Seung Kim, Hiromi Kitazawa (Japan)
  • 024/B1245 A Statistical Analysis of Metal Partitioning in River Sediment
    Shien-Tsong Ho, Li-Jyur Tsai and Kuang-Chung Yu (Chinese Taiwan)
  • 025/B1260 Distribution Of Metal Speciation In Different Particle-Size Fractions Of River Sediments
    Shen-Yi Chen andJih-Gaw Lin (PR China)
  • 026/B1266 Heterogeneous Catalytic Oxidation of Phenanthrene by Hydrogen Peroxide in Soil Slurry :
    Kinetics, Mechanism and Implication
    S. R. Kanel, B. Neppolian, Kyuhong Ann, Heechul Choi (Korea)
  • 027/B1297 From river water to drinking water: intake protection using chemical and biological early warning systems
    P. G Stoks (The Netherlands)
  • 028/B1313 Drugs and estrogens in the environment - a systematic investigation of ground water, surface water, wastewater, landfill leachate, sewage sludge and soil in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.
    U. Bolz, Branch, H.-J.Kffmer, W. Kuch, B.Lange, F.Th.Metzger, J.W.Sacher, F.Schneider, C.Schullerer, S.Spengler, P. (Germany)
  • 029/B1345 Determination Of Content Of Organochlorine Compounds In Livers Of Frogs From Kovilj Meander (The Danube, Serbia)
    M. Vojinovic-Miloradov, E. Popovic, D. Buzarov, J. Sudji, M. Milin (Yugoslavia)
  • 030/B1354 Application of health risk assessment to derive soil/groundwater cleanup levels at a diesel fuel spill site
    CM. Kao, C.T. Lin, L.C. Wu, Gordon (C.C.) Yang (Chinese Taiwan)
  • 031/B1362 Effects of Spilled Oil on Tidal Flat Ecosystem
    K. J. Cho, I. Y. Chung, C. J. Cheong, K. Hiraoka, W. Nishijima, K. Takimoto, M. Okada (Japan)
  • 032/B1364 Bio-monitoring of impacts of wastewater treatment plant effluents on receiving streams
    A/. Sladeckovd, V. Sladecek, V. Koci, J. Amrozovd (Czech Republic)
  • 033/B1448 Biosensor tracing of endocrine disrupting compounds in surface water, waste water and sludge for water quality assessment
    P.-D. Hansen (Germany)
  • 034/B1537 The Effects of Temperatures & Moisture Conditions in Desorption of Heavy Metals in Soils
    Suen-Zone Lee, Lizone Chang, Po-Yu Ни, Hsiao-Hsiang Yang (Chinese Taiwan)
  • 035/B1544 A simple extraction method for recovery of Cryptosporidium oocysts from soil samples
    Zilberman, R. Armon (Israel)
  • 036/В2034 Recombinant fluorescent mammalian cells for toxicity monitoring
    Eun Jin Kim, Man Bock Gu (Korea)
  • 037/B2036 Enhanced Sensitivity for Genotoxicity Using Bacterial recA promoter : lux Fusions
    J. Min, P. D. Hansen, M. Bock Gu (Korea)
  • 038/B2052 Assessment of immunotoxicity: an approach to detect contaminants in drinking water potentially harmful to immunocompromised individuals
    M. Erbes, G. M. Hansch, B. Denefleh, U. Obst. (Germany)
  • 039/P0013 Development of the ELISA for Detection of Estrogenic Hormones in Environment
    Yasuhiro Goda, Masato Hirobe, Ayako Kobayashi, Shigeru Fujimoto, Michihiko Ike, Masanori Fujita, Yuji Okayas, Koya Komori, Hiroaki Tanaka (Japan)
  • 040/P0016 Investigation Of Bioaccumulation And Biomagnification Processes Of Total DDT In Aquatic Ecosystems Using Mathematical Method
    Bogdana Vujic, Mirjana Vojinovic-Miloradov, Danica Buzarov, Jasna Adamov, Jovanka Nikic
  • 041/P1014 Underground Water Speciation Studies For Zn, Cd, Pb And Cu Metals In A Mining-Spill Area Of The Guadiamar Basin (Spain)
    Santos Morcillo; E. Alonso Alvarez; P. Riesco Chueca (Spain)
  • 042/P1020 Occurrence and source of brominated organic compounds in surface water
    Putschew, M. Mania, M. Jekel (Germany)
  • 043/P1021 The effect of chlorination of estrogenic chemicals on the level of serum vitellogenin of Medakas, Oryzias latipes
    Tabata, Y. Ohnishi, N. Miyamoto, M. Itoh, T. Kamei, Y. Magara (Japan)
  • 044/P1022 Comparison of Natural and Reclaimed Sources of Water Using Broad Spectrum Organic Analysis (BSOA) of Non-Polar Acid-Neutral Compounds
    Castaneda-Jimenez, H. Park, I.H. (Mel) Suffet, E. Ruth, V. Lawrova, B. Levine (USA)
  • 045/P1023 Application Of Solid Phase Microextraction (Spme) In Monitoring Of Prority Pesticides In River Water From Greece
    A. Lambropoulou, V. A. Sakkas, T. A. Albanis (Greece)
  • 046/P1024 Photodegradation Study Of Antifouling Booster Biocides In Natural Waters Under Environmental Conditions
    V. A. Sakkas, I. K. Konstantinou, T. A.Albanis (Greece)
  • 047/P1026 Reactive dye removal using a low cost adsorbent. Equilibrium studies
    0. Freitas, E. Goncalves, L. A. Vasconcelos, C. Gonzalez Веса (Portugal)
  • 048/P1050 Identifying a source of contamination by bacterial genotyping
    A.-S. Lepeuple, F. Houdart, M.-R. de Roubin (France)
  • 049/P1051 Rapid Detection and Enumeration of Bacteria in Water
    A.-S. Lepeuple, S. Gilouppe, E. Pierlot, C. Robert, M.-R. de Roubin (France)
  • 050/P1060 Fluorescent-Labeled BacteriophagesA New Biocolloid Tracer for Viral Transport in Porous Media
    V. Gitis, A. Adin, A. Nasser, J. Gunb, 0. Levb (USA)
  • 051/P1081 Removal of bacteria and phages by a membrane bioreactor/
    R. Szewzyk, J. Lopez-Pila, W. Bartocha, W. Dorau (Germany) "-
  • 052/P1083 Detection of Cryptosporidrom parvum and Giardia in sewage sludge by IC-PCR
    Ruska Rimhanen-Finne, Marja-Liisa Hanninen (Finland)
  • 053/P1084 The Importance of Cryptosporidium spp and Giardia spp as human pathogen in the relation with the surface water as drinking water
    Hffrman An, Rimhanen-Finne Ruska, Korpela Heikki, and Marja-Liisa Hanninen (Finland)
  • 054/Р1089 Water Supply of the Population: to the Analysis of Model of Hygienic Monitoring
    E.Vinnitskaya, T.Strikalenko, N.Badyuk (Ukraine)
  • 055/P1092 Congener and isomer profiles of dioxins in Japanese tap water
    Y. Magara, H.-k. Kim, T. Kamei, T. Matsumura, Y. Seki (Japan)
  • 056/P1095 Selection Method of Monitoring Compounds in Drinking Source Water by Evaluation of Contaminants in Tributary Effluents
    Su Won Lee, In Sook Lee, Mi Ra Chang, Sea Jong. Oh, Eun Ah Yoo (Korea)
  • 057/P1102 Removal of Giardia and Cryptosporidium by wastewater treatment processes
    Lucia, R. Briancesco, C. Cataldo, M. Divizia, D. Donia (Italy)
  • 058/P1107 Contamination of drinking water sources by wood-preserving chemicals in ioannina area (n.w. Greece)
    N.Stratigakis, D.Hela, T. Albanis, E. Stefamu (Greece)
  • 059/P1129 Organic Contaminants in Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) from the River Ruhr
    H.-D.Eschke (Germany)
  • 060/P2008 Development of a synthetic standard to replace the in vivo standard in a rapid cycle real time PCR (LightCycler-PCR) for the quantification of the in vitro excystation of Cryptosporidium parvum
    R. Filkom, A. Wiedenmann, P. KrUger, K. Botzenhart (Germany)
  • 061/P2017 Southeast water Cryptosporidium laboratory
    Jasper Ellis (United Kingdom)
  • 062/P2018 Legionella Risk Assessments on Domestic Hot and Cold Water Systems
    Julia Dilks (United Kingdom)
  • 063/P2027 Potential of the irradiation as a sludge treatment technology
    P. Jenicek, V.Cuba, M.Pospisil, V.Mucka, J.Zdbranska and M.Dohanyos (Czech Republic)
  • 064/P2035 Rapid Surrogate Parameter(E260) for the Inexpensive Removal Efficiency Monitoring
    T. Kamei, M. Kang, H. Kim, M. Nagai, Y. Sato, Y. Magara (Japan)
  • 065/P2037 Treatment of Sewage Sludge with Pulsed Electric Fields
    M. Loeffler, W. Schmidt, R. Schuhmam, A. Pottering (Germany)
  • 066/P2051 Rapid Fluorogenic Detection of Coliforms in Water by Flow Injection Analysis Method
    Morikawa, K.-i. Inatomi (Japan)
  • 067/P2052 Application Of A Kinetics Trace Metal Speciation Method To Cultivation Soil Samples
    Garcia-Morales, J. L.; Bermond, A. Bourgerois, S.; D Sales, (Spain)
  • 068/P2058 Analysis of Molecular Size Distribution of Dissolved Organic Matter Using HPSEC Measurement
    Masako Takagi, Kei Nishida, Yoshitaka Matsumoto (Japan)
  • 069/P2063 Detection Of Estrogens In Wastewater By Lc/Ms/Ms
    K. Komori, A. Takahashi, H. Tanaka (Japan)
  • 070/P2074 Monitoring Surface Water Quality With Human Cells
    J.M. Whitcutt, P. van Heerden and P.J. Pybus (South Africa)
  • 071/P2076 Using DNA Recombinant Yeast, Evaluation of Estrogen-like Activity of River Water in Japan
    H. Tamamoto, A. Takahashi, Y. Yakou, M. Saito, T. Higashitani, H. Tanaka (Japan)
  • 072/P2082 Bioleaching of Metals from Anoxic Sediment by Sulfur-Oxidizing Bacteria
    Kuang-Chung Yu, Shu-Fen Chen, Shien-Tsong Ho, Li-Jyre Tsai (Chinese Taiwan)
  • 073/P2083 Inicidence Of Enteric Pathogens In Water Sources And Stools Of Residents In Rural Communities In The Venda Region Of South Africa: Preliminary Communication
    C. L Obi., N. Potgieter, E. Maswime, E. Green, R. Sono, P.O. Bessong (South Africa)
  • 074/Р2090 Tap Water Quality, And Bottled Water Quality In Serbia
    M. Vasiljevic, L. Vasiljevic, E. Maljevic, N.Despotovic (Yugoslavia)
  • 075/1*2092 Effects of ultraviolet and gamma ray radiation on infectivity of Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts
    5. Morita, N. Motoyama, T. Morioka, H. Hoshikawa, T. Hirata (Japan)
  • 076/P2097 Toxicity Of The Phosphonate Herbicide Glyphosate Using Bacterial Systems In Albufera Lake Water
    Amoros, J. L. Alonso, J. Cowling, S. Romaguera, D. G. Barreda, E. Vendrell, J. M. Carrasco (Spain)
  • 077/P2106 Content Of Heavy Metals In Tricomponent System Sediment-Water-Living Organisms In Tisa River (Vojvodina, Serbia)
    J. Adamov, B. Vujic, M. Vojinovic-Miloradov (Yugoslavia)
  • 078/P2109 Effect of S9mix for the Detection of Estrogenic Activity in Surface Waters by Yeast Two-Hybrid Assay
    M, Kamata, K. Hirano, Y. Ohm, T. Kamei, Y. Magara (Japan)
  • 079/P2122 Risk for infection from Cryptosporidium estimated from particle size
    Westrell, T, Bergstedt, 0, Stenstrom T-A (Sweden)
  • 080/P2136 A sensitive, semi-quantitative direct PCR-RFLP assay for simultaneous detection of five Cryptosporidium species in treated drinking waters and mineral waters
    R.A.B. Nichols, B.M. Campbell, J. Wastling, H.V. Smith (UK)
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